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DIY Flamingo Straws

It feels like forever since I've done a DIY post but I think flamingo straws are probably a good way to break myself in. This may be considered a little more of a hack than a DIY since I bought these straws at Dollar Tree in Florida but they're widely available in loadsa places and make your summer drinks oh so pretty! (Readers with no access to dollar tree get 'em here!)
As you can see the straws aren't too far off the originals but they certainly need a bit of tweaking. The dollar tree versions are a little more clunky and just a little less polished than the altered versions.
Basically you need to hack your flamingo up a little bit. Take him off the straw and carefully cut around the honeycomb section to make your bird a little slimmer. Now liberate his beak by cutting it into a point.
Now bend him around a really pretty paper straw and secure using glue or double sided tape.
You now have a perdy flamingo to share your summer cocktail with! Horray!


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