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Disneyworld Florida- The happiest place on Earth

 I don't think anything can ever beat a day at Disneyworld; it really is just the happiest place ever. George had never been before so I was getting all worried- partly because the weather had been awful so I thought it wouldn't look as beautiful as I remembered but also I was just kinda worried it wasn't his thing. We were really lucky on Friday and saw a patch of blue sky so we jetted off the the park super quick hoping for good weather. And horray! It was nice all day!.

I'm sorry about all the many photos I'm about to throw down your computer screens but Disney is extremely photogenic. One of the things I love in Disneyworld is the wall of Mickey mouses. Just amazing!
 Basically we just had a really wonderful day. We went on thunder mountain which is just one of my favourite rides ever. Its the perfect speed but doesn't drop too much which is great for a whimp like me. Then we went to the hall of presidents which I'd never been to before which was actually pretty cool! George studies politics and used to study American Politics so he's pretty clued up presidents-wise but I am sorry to say I knew little to nothing about them. It was really cool and the animatronics were ace. Sadly Obama didn't really look much like a Obama but we found out that he'd recorded all the voice-overs specially for Disney which is majorly cute. We also went on Stitch's ride. I love stitch. Stitch is adorable and so I was happy.
Since it was a beautiful night and we'd never stayed for the fireworks before we decided to stay late. The show was amazing! The fireworks were so impressive (usually fireworks just bore me but these were set to music and with a story so it wasn't just a series of bangs) but the best bit was the projection show on the side of the Disney castle. I've found a little video on youtube below. You must check it out!

Oh and be warned there's more Disney on the way!

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