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Breakfast at the Cracker Barrel

One of the things I love so much about Florida (and America in general) is the breakfast. I love breakfast food and pancakes just aren't the same in the UK at all. One of the things I was so excited to show George was Cracker Barrel; just about the best pancake place EVER!

I realise for my American readers all these posts may seem a little boring; after all I will just be really excitedly blathering on about stuff that just seems really normal for all of you. To all of you I apologise but I really just cannot curb my enthusiasm for pancakes!
 One of the other things I really love about Cracker Barrel is the decor; it's just so charming! But in a really American way, there just isn't anything like it in the UK. I guess you'd call it ranchey? I guess it's ranchey. Also the shop is amazing. I didn't buy anything today so I have an excuse to go back later this week. But I did snap some pretty pictures. Oh cracker barrel, I love you.

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