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There is a massive hill behind our uni called Arthur's Seat. It's actually pretty famous; it's the hill that Emma and Dexter climb in One Day; so hey you may have heard of it. I've been meaning to climb it all year but for some reason have just never found the time.

This week is ridiculously busy. I have my last exam on Thursday which I am studying very hard for because it's my hardest one. I'm also trying to negotiate an exciting new contract for the Ukulele Workshop all the while trying to secure new wholesale supplier. On top of that we get the keys to the house tomorrow and we're doing an Ikea trip on Friday and finally moving on Saturday. It's going to be hectic and boy am I feeling the strain! So for some strange reason I thought that the right thing to do to calm down would be to take a nice relaxing stroll up this huge steep hill (I can just hear my friends sayin "It's not that steep!").
 Admittedly once you get to the top it is very beautiful. You can see the sea to one side and the whole of Edinburgh to the other. But boy was it windy! You can see how windy it is from the first picture. Of course it also started to rain the minute we were too far to turn back.

But still I am so glad I have finally climbed it. I thought I would leave you with the wonderful sight of Thomas rolling down the hill. Enjoy!

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