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That AMAZING Toucan Fabric

So I bought this amazing fabric from mandalinarossa on etsy. Please go and check her out, her stuff is absolutely adorable and super colourful. It's a winner in my book. Anyway! I bought this toucan fabric with the aim to make myself something for the holiday but I couldn't quite decide what.
My first attempt with it was a dress. This photo doesn't quite show how simply unflattering and wierd this dress looked. I suppose I just couldn't bear not to try and make it look better for a photo. The waist was too low, it wasn't quite tight and it wasn't quite baggy. Essentially I failed to adapt my pattern for the different weight of the fabric so it ended up pretty wierd. I decided to take an axe to it... or you know...scissors.
I decided to make a circle skirt. And I'm so glad I did cos I think it's really lovely. Overall it's a pretty overpowering print and so I think a whole dress out of this fabric may have been a little too much but as a skirt worn over a plain top I think it's pretty perfect.
Over the summer I'm going to be sharing a tonne of my recent sewing projects with you. I hope you're ready! Or..you know...interested.

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