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I heart wigs

So I'm pretty bad when it comes to hairstyles. I can do unbrushed curly hair or pouffy up but that really is my limit. For some reason when I try to do something different I just fail, hair jut isn't my thing. But I do love crazy hair. When I was a kid I once put food colouring in my hair to dye it pink (big mistake NEVER TRY THIS!) just so I could get that 'cool' look. However, lately I've become aware that I need to be a bit more careful with my hair.. My natural hair is black or very very dark brown (you heard it here first people!) and so to lighten my hair to the blonde it is now took a lot of chemicals. For that reason I want to hold off changing it for a while, but dammit I still fancy a change of look every now and then.
That's why I love wigs! I've always loved them even as a kid. I love that you can just completely change your look in a few minutes and dance around as a different person. I have quite a collection now and it is purely fuelled by my lack of hairstyling ability and my love of dressing up.
I also love that wearing different wigs puts you in different moods. The green wig makes me properly posey (as you can see) whereas my really pale pink wig makes me feel all cheerful and smiley.

I'll share some of my more natural looking wigs with you soon but I thought for now green and pink hair would do. And that my friends is a wonderful sentence.

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