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Snapshots of my room

In 13 days I have to pack up this room and leave forever. Admittedly it's to move into the coolest house ever but STILL! I've never moved house before so I didn't really know how I felt about walking out of a door and knowing you're never going to walk through it again. It's a strange feeling. So I thought over the next few days I would take a tonne of pictures of things I loved bout my room so I could remember it forever, and you know what, it's really helping! It reminded me that what I love about this room is all the lovely things in it and all the wonderful people who've been in it and the best thing about moving is I get to take all that with me!
(The title picture is my super cute tea towel from ikea and my ribbon collection)
1) Right now my room is sorta covered in papers. Revision is slow and only uplifted by felt tip pens.
2) My favourite it of my room is this little corner. I love my poster, I love my calender, I love all the stuff crammed above my bed.
3) My extensive cute animal rubber collection really doesn't appreciate having to share a shelf with felt tip pen storage... and a golden dinosaur.
4) Me attempting to make Logic seem like fun...it's not fooling anyone.
5) A new (unfinished) ukulele design I'm working on. I'm hoping to do a lot more designs this summer as well as starting a system where you can send in pictures and preview them to see how they'd look...hmm that didn't make much sense. Anyway, it'll be cool. Oh and yeah that photo is me and George. It's one of my faves.

To everyone with exams good luck!

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