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Our Ikea house trip

I don't really understand why people moan about Ikea. I've never had a bad experience with their furniture and I find walking around the store just about the most fun you can have without making something. I love it all! I love choosing stuff. I love pretending I live in all the rooms. I love looking at all the happy couples buying mugs for their new homes. Ikea makes me happy.
So a couple of weeks ago we did our first ikea trip for real basics for the house. No one is currently living there but we wanted to get bedrooms sorted out so that when we go up there to work on it we'll have somewhere to sleep. So I bought my first double bed! I will be sharing pictures next week because I am waaaaay excited.  I've never had a double bed before. It felt waaay too grown up to be negotiating buying a mattress on my own; that's just something I didn't expect to be doing until I was about 40. I also ended up calling my Mum about three times ("WHAT DOES SPRUNG EVEN MEAN!?") but in the end I got there and I'm now in possession of my very own king sized bed. Mwa hahahaaha.

I also bought all the rest of my furniture like my storage and my wardrobe unit but rather stupidly I forgot to buy my desk because I got too distracted by the fluffy toys and then the meatballs. Ahh well, I'm not too bothered, after all that means I get to go back!
We also started to look at other furniture we would need in the future. We started looking for sofas but decided maybe Ikea wasn't the place to buy a sofa as they were quite expensive and didn't really have any big enough. We also started looking for a dinner table. Seeing as there are already five of us in the house we need quite a big table for when we have guests. This one is pretty much perfect as it extended soooo much. We think we're going to buy a table, a few chairs to store and some benches so that if there are lots of guests we can just smush up. Smushing is the best.

We also just ended up having a good old look between serious shopping and a meatball break. I discovered their faux flower section and Oh my goodness I am just in love! I adore fake flowers anyway; weirdly enough I think I actually prefer them to real ones, but the ones they sell at Ikea are really gorgeous! I plan to go back very soon and buy lots!
So after our trip (which took the entire day mostly because we were just running round be silly and rolling on beds) we all slumped down to the warehouse, loaded up our stuff and took it to the delivery place. Also we noticed that Beaton was a little to good at travelling by push trolley. I think he's a secret Ikea addict. Shh!

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