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Important life advice regarding bubble mixture.

Over the last couple of years I have concentrated on taking little steps to living a happier life and making others happy in the process. Every now and then I come across a tiny little thing that genuinely cheers people up and bubble mixture is defiantly one of them.
It all started a couple of months ago when I was shopping in Durham for impromptu party supplies and came across these tiny little pots of bubble mixture. They were colourful and looked sweet so I bought them, forgot about them and left them in my bag.

A couple of days Later I was out and about and I saw someone who looked really down. I rummaged around in my bag and gave them a pot of bubble mixture and they looked so delighted! We sat for a while and talked, both of us blowing bubbles and after a while smiled and went our separate ways.
So that was the moment I decided that I would always carry bubble mixture in my bag. It's such a universally cheering thing. Blowing bubbles is also a good stress reliever as I discovered in exam period; for some reason having a bubble blowing break just really recharges you as you feel like you have been temporarily transported into childhood again.
Another wonderful use of bubble mixture is to combat smoking. A couple of my friends smoke and so they often duck out of clubs or bars to have a cigarette. I don't smoke but often want to stand outside for a chat or some fresh air so I blow bubbles instead of smoking. It works for me and is only slightly addictive.
So there is my advice. Bubble mixture carried in your bag can increase happiness. It has been proven!


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