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DIY Mini Bonfire

 So I'm not done with Cinco de Mayo (one more project to go!) but I thought I needed to take a brief interlude in order to celebrate Beltane. Beltane was introduced to me by the lovely Nolwenn of A Year In Europe (she's really lovely, go check her out). Basically Beltane is a fire festival celebrated in the UK and in Edinburgh THEY GO MAD FOR IT! Sadly I am missing this fire extravaganza for the sake of revision so I thought I would make a mini bonfire for myself so I can at least celebrate on some level. Maybe Beltane isn't quite your thing but these would be adorable for a camp out party or a fireworks celebration too!

You will need:

A tea light (I used a jumbo one because I wanted the fire to be as far away from the paper as possible)
Some red, orange and yellow paper/crepe paper
Double sides tape
Some sticks and twigs
A glue gun

1. First wrap a strip of double sided tape around your tea light.
2. Cut some crepe paper with a lovely fire design.
3. Now wrap around your tea light.
4. Make sure you don't stretch your paper too tight, you want it to have a chance to splay out a little and look like flames rather than sticking straight up.
5. Now layer you design adding different colours with strips of double sided tape.
6. Now to add the logs. Glue gun a few larger sticks around the base of your tea light.
7. Now work up adding more sticks to cross the base sticks and fill in gaps.
8. And you're done! Light up that baby and celebrate!

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