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Guess who's not revising!

So, fun fact, I have an exam this afternoon. I also had one yesterday though so I'm finding it extremely hard to focus on anything vaguely work related as I feel like I should be rewarded for managing to sit still for two hours. So instead of revising I have been playing my sparkly ukulele instead. But next to my computer, just in case my brain want to absorb any information through proximity osmosis.
My Mum sent me a care package today to help me with my exams. Naturally I need a pen to write with and so she sent this fabulous example. It is a pen, I promise. Amongst the chocolate there is a nib and then there are some other pen bits among the feathers.
Mum also sent some highlighter pens. I have been working very well with them. Getting lots and lots of highlighting done.
I have also been packing up my room for the big move next week. Today's packing mainly involved packing all of my dressing up clothes and accessories and then getting incredibly interested in them all and so unpacking them and trying them all on.

I am going to ace this exam! (Don't worry, Mum, I've got it covered.)


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