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DIY- turning a necklace into a headband

Hurray! Normal DIY programming can resume! Today I have a pretty cool project to share with you- how to turn a necklace into a headband. For some reason I don't wear a whole lot of jewellery; my Mum is a jeweller so maybe that has something to do with it. After all I suppose when you're always surrounded by something it just becomes the furniture. So yeah, I'm just not really in the habit or wearing it. But for some reason whenever I pick up a necklace I always see how it looks in my hair, I'm never sure why.

Anyway, I picked up this mega pearl necklace the other day, held it to my head and realised it looked like a wonderful mermaid crown and so decided I had to make it into a headband. This DIY is so super easy and you can just make the coolest original looking accessories. Warn your jewellery collection because it's about the be raided!

You will need:
A necklace
An alice band
A glue gun
Some scissors
1. First check the size of your necklace. If you want it to wrap all the way round it is going to need to be the same size as your band when it is stretched (as in when you pull the band apart when you're about to put it on your head) or slightly longer when lax.
2. First start by dabbing a generous amount of glue in the centre of your band and sticking the centre bead down. Hold in place for a few seconds.
3. This is now the centre point for you to work from as you ease your beads.
4. Very carefully work down your band applying glue and adding beads. The most important thing is that you stretch your band so that when you put the crown on there is space for the beads to move against each other. In other words when you just lay your band on the table there should be small spaces between your beads.
5. Now remove your claps. Usually this is doable with your fingers but if not use some pliers.
6. Now cut through the string at the base.
7. Pull your string out of all of your beads.
8. Taddaaa! Try on your new crown!

This is fast becoming one of my favourite things to wear on my head (actually maybe this is still winning). Sadly I think pearls look better on darker hair so whenever I wear this I'm wearing on of my wigs. I shall have to look out for a coloured-beaded-blonde version.

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