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DIY- Hot Air Balloon Lanterns

Today I am sharing how to make the hot air balloon lantern we made for my Dad's birthday. These make totally cool party decorations (especially if you have a hot air balloon theme- who knew!?) but they would also look really great in a kid's room, and frankly my room... these are so going in my room.

You will need:
Paper lanterns
White and coloured paint
A small basket, I bought mine in the flower arranging section of my craft store.
Invisible thread (for stringing up)
1) First assemble your lantern.
2) Now following the seams of your lantern paint alternate segments. I found it was always better to do a coat of white otherwise the colours would mix slightly (so red paint on a yellow balloon would turn out orange).
3) Now add your colour. I left a little white stripe each side because I think it looks cute.
4) Using a scalpel make four small holes next to one of the wire rings at the base of your lanterns.
5) Run a piece of string through the hole and knot.
6) Do this for all four strings.
7) Take your basket.
8) Cut off the handles.
9) Pass the strings through one of the gaps in the basket at the base.
10) And you are totally done! Yay!

Aren't these the cutest thing? I'm really looking forward to stringing them up in our hallway among some pom poms!

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