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DIY Fabric Flower Crown

I've loved making Cinco de Mayo crafts; they're just so wonderfully colourful and can't fail to make you happy. However the holiday wouldn't be complete without some sort of headdress so I'm here with my felt flower crown. I've seen a tonne of flower head dresses around but I wanted to make one that was quick to make, cartoony and an easy accessory for kids (and me) to dress up in. I think this one works quite well for all of those things and I pretty much love it. If you want it to seem a little more grown up you can paint some shading on the petals to give them a little more definition.

You will need:
Felt (In your colours and also in green)
A Headband
Needle and thread
A pen and paper for a template
1) Fold a small piece of paper in half an draw this heart shape in the folded corner.
2) You're going to need a clover shape like this when you open it out. Cut this shape out of felt.
3) If you're going to paint your petals now is the time to do it!
4) Cut out two of your clover shapes and pile them on top of eachother.
5) Sew a few stitches in the middle of your felt pieces.
6) Take one petal and roll it up like this to form the centre of the rose.
7) Now take the opposite petal and wrap it around the central curled petal, put a few stitches at the base to secure it.
8) Wrap the two remaining petals around the centre and secure with stitches.
9) Now continue wrapping petals until your rose is complete and secured with stitches.
10) Now assemble your goodies. You're going to need around 7-8 roses and then also some leaf shapes cut out of green felt.
11) To attach your rose to your head band simply sew a stitch through the bottom of your rose and round the headband. Sew this over and over until your rose feels strong.
12) Add a few leaves either side of each rose to bulk out your headband. Continue until your headband is finished and you're done!

I really love this headband! I'm planning to make one all in red and also one all in blue..possibly yellow too...and white. Hmm.

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