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DIY Cherry Cardigan

Today I have a cute little DIY to make you feel all fruity and ready for Summer! My last exam is tomorrow and so Summer is feeling oh so near and yet oh so far at the same time. For that reason I totally need this cardigan to add that much needed injection of adorable.

The thing I love best about this cardigan is it is damn easy to make! The cutting and stitching may take a little while but it's pretty repetitive and therefore a good project to do in front of the telly.

You will need:
Green felt- make sure it's quite high density so that the stems won't just pull off.
Red PomPoms (I cut mine off one of those PomPom trims)
Red thread
Green thread
White cardigan
 1) First cut out a double leaf shape with two stems. Make sure your stems are a little longer than you want them to be finally as your cherries are going to cover quite a large part of the stems.
2) Now place your cherries on top and sew them onto the stems. Pom poms are pretty forgiving when it comes to sewing so its unlikely that you'll be able to see any stitches. Make sure they are very secure.
3) Make a tonne of cherries!
4) Now place them on your cardigan to check for placement. You can either sew or glue your cherries on. I prefur sewing as it feels a little more secure. Remember to only sew in the middle of your two leaves so your cherries can bob around to their hearts content.

And you're done! I'm pretty happy with this cardigan. Nothing quite screams cute like tiny miniature cherries.

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