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Today is international tweed day. I intended to celebrate by adding tweed elbow patches onto a jumper but then I got distracted by this jazzy little number so instead I celebrated international tweed day by adding Mexican cotton elbow patches to a jumper instead. C'est la vie. I also need to learn to be a little less rushed when it comes to embroidery but the general methods still remains.

You will need:
A jumper
Some snazzy fabric
Card for a template
A pen
Fabric glue
Embroidery needle and thread

1. First draw out your template. To do this fold a piece of card in half so it is symmetrical. Your palm size is usually a pretty good guide for how big your patch should be. No wider or longer than your palm.
2. Cut out your template and round off the edges.
3. Now put on your jumper. Using chalk mark on where your elbow naturally lies on your jumper. Then place your template over your elbow and mark the top and bottom of where your template sits.
4. Cut out two elbow patches from your fabric.
5. On the reverse on your fabric paint some glue around the edge. This will hold your patch in place while you are embroidering it on.
6. Now place your patch on your jumper lining it up with the chalk marks. Leave to dry.
7. Using embroidery thread outline your patch. This is used to encase the edge so the patch won;t fray but also to attach the patch to the jumper. (It also should look quite cool)
8. Step back and admire your handiwork!


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