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Things I found while clearing my room

I am such a baby when it comes to clearing my room; I really really hate it. Most of the arguments from my childhood centred around my not clearing my room and the fact that it was a constant tip. One of the things that annoys me most about being an adult is you have to tell yourself when to clear up. URGH! No one to blame.

Anyway my room looks just about ok now and while clearing up I was reminded of some cool stuff I own so I thought I would share.

1. I found this gift from George in a pile of books. A beautiful antique Italian phrase book bookmarked with this ridiculous photo, just left in my room to discover. I love that man.
2. Talking of him, he bought me this bird house when we were 12. I looks so pretty outside my window.
3. I discovered this colour-blocked giraffe I made for a Christmas ornament that never quite made it into the ornament box.
4. There is nothing like revision to make me yearn for travelling.
5. This beautiful box.
6. This snuggly Riley Roo cat. (This week's new nicknames are Rallums Roo, Rubicon, Rubicat and Roobles McRoobleface.)

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