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Over the next week or so I want to start a new feature of really easy ways to revamp vintage clothes; think simple hemming tips, changing sleeves, altering a neck line and so on. I thought it was only fitting to honour my absolute favourite vintage shop in preparation for all this vintage love. Ladies and Gentlemen let me present Armstrongs!

Armstrongs is a really big vintage shop situated in Edinburgh's arty Grassmarket district. There are also shops situated around central Edinburgh which are a little smaller slightly more specialized (for instance the Teviot shop is tiny but great for menswear and the Clerk Street store is amazing for gloves!) but I loooove the massive big shop because it sells mostly beautiful dresses. It's also one of the first places I visited in Edinburgh, I'm not saying that this shop influenced my university choice or anything but...yeah it totally did. This shop really is that good.

There is also a fantastic area of dressing up clothes in the Grassmarket store. When I say dressing up clothes though these are the coolest of the cool! There are tonnes of military uniforms and old theatre costumes and me and George have been known to just go there and try everything on. It is possibly the best way to spend an afternoon.

So welcome to my favourite store. I'm sure in the future there will be many more photos of Armstrongs because it is the coolest place in the world and I spend far too much money there.

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