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In some ways it's felt like quite a quiet week but in others it's been really eventful. I feel like sometimes I should do more lifestyle posts, just little snapshots of life and what's happening at the moment. They may not be as pretty as some of my other posts but hey ho, they tell a story!

1. I got THE most incredible gloves from Carnaby street yesterday. Aren't they soooooo beautiful!
2. I praise the god of felt tip pens each and every time I have to do revision. I couldn't do it without them.
3. We finally managed to get a picture of the cat helping with the cooking. He has a special stool.
4. My mum bought this amazingly adorable jug set from a car boot sale.
5. Yesterday I was officially discharged from the hospital. No more dental treatment EVER!!!!!
6. I GOT A NEW LAPTOP! WAHHHHH! It's actually the second laptop within a week. I bought it in grey and that one was faulty and then just as I was reordering George pointed out that brushed steel really didn't look like anything I'd own so we found this little beauty. It's name is Snazztop.

Oh! Also I've decided to keep the puffy sleeves on this dress, I sorta kinda love them in a weird way. But don't fear I am on the look out for another dress that I can use to illustrate changing vintage sleeves. Also I got loads of emails about sewing this week so I'm definitely going to start doing more sewing tutorials. Thanks guys!

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