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I love Cinco de Mayo; it is such a good excuse to break out the crepe paper and do everything bright. I really wanted to throw a party this year but sadly we are right in the middle of exams so that doesn't seem too likely. So instead of celebrating with a real piñata I thought I could make a piñata pillow... and then just eat some sweets.

You will need:
A plain white pillow
Felt in various different colours for fringing
A neutral piece of felt for your base
Fabric glue
Paper for a template
1) Cut your felt into strips about an inch wide.
2) Now take your scissors and fringe your strips, cutting about half way up.
3) Taadaaaa tones of fringey goodness!
4) Cut your fringing so they are the same width as you want your design to be.
5) Now run a line of glue along the bottom of your neutral felt.
6) Stick on your fringing.
7) Keep layering your fringe until the whole of the felt is covered. Wait for your glue to dry.
8) Now draw a template onto paper and pin onto your fringing.
9) Carefully cut around your template.
10) On the back of your piñata add glue.
11) And stick onto your pillow.
And you're all done!


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