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Hey everyone, isn't it crazy how much a neckline can change a dress!? So changing a neckline can be a little bit daunting, after all you do essentially just have to cut into your lovely new dress in order to do it, so it takes a bit of guts. But it's actually pretty easy and pretty salvageable at any point and I suppose it's just like anything else; it's easy once you can do it.
So first of all just lay your item on a flat surface and assess where you would like your new neck line to be. On my dress I had a pretty good guide of where I wanted the new neckline to be from that epic ruffle but you can pretty much do anything you'd like.
So I've laid out this how-to differently because it's slightly harder than hemming but bear with me.
1) First take a pencil or chalk and draw out where you want your new neckline to be.
2) Now take the plunge and cut a cm or two above your line.
3) Ta-daa you have your new neck line!
4) Now you need to make a facing, this is essentially a piece of fabric that sits inside of your neckline that hides the rough edge and gives your garments a bit of structure. Lay a piece of fabric on top of your dress and trace  your new seam onto the paper.
5) Ok so now cut out your pattern pieces. The top line is the exact line of your new neck line and the bottom line should be drawn an inch or two below.
6) Now cut your pattern piece out of a lightweight corresponding fabric like cotton. Remember that you will need two pieces of your pattern piece where there is a zip or an opening of some sort.
7) Sew your pattern pieces right side to right side, it should look something like this.
8) Now pin your facing onto your dress right side to right side (this simply means that you match the side you want to see to the side you want to see)
9) When you get to an edge like a zip or a closure, fold your facing back on itself. When you turn your facing in side out you will then have a lovely edge.
10) Now sew your facing on.
11) Now fold the facing back on itself and press. You should now see your beautiful new neck line! Yay!
12) Now, for a tidier edge, fold the facing in on itself and press under. To finish your facing either just go over the facing with a small stitch on a sewing machine or hem stitch using this method.
Also I was going to do another guide for how to change sleeves but argh I think these weird puffy sleeves are growing on me. What do you think? To change or not to change?

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