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Even if I do say so myself me and my brother are a pretty good present buying team but I think my mum's birthday present last year really took the crown. We decided to embark on a project to recreate my mum's favourite pictures of us as kids.They're all pretty epic and I really wish I could get better pictures, does anyone have advice for taking photos of reflective frames?
We were lucky in that we still live in the same house as when we were kids so basically all of the backdrops could be identical.
We spent a couple of weeks before collecting clothes from charity shops and searching through our wardrobes so we could look sort of the same. I think we pretty much nailed it.
We had quite a hard time recreating this one as we don't really fit under the table any more. Also Jems appears to be playing with a sausage and I have some bread? My favorite is the first one by far, sigh I my hair was SO COOL back then.

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