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DIY Cinco de Mayo Pom Pom Garland


Hey all, I recently pictured these fabulous pom pom streamers in my pinata tutorial and now I'm here with the step by steps on how to make these beauties.
I've been wanting to make these for a while. I was trying to work out how you could make a crepe paper tinsel sort of effect where the garland was really fully and bouncy and I think these pretty much took the ticket. I love them! I have them strung up in my room at the moment. The minute we move into the bigger house I am planning to make a giant version so stay tuned!

You will need:
Crepe paper
Needle and thread

1. First gather your colours together. It's good to go for really hot colours and then have one colour that pops out, like yellow. Also if you can mix a metallic in there it's never a bad thing.
2. Cut your paper into little squares. You can gage the size of your pom but the length of your sides.
3. Now stank a few pieces up. You should need about 8 in a stack but if you're using thick crepe you may need less and if you're using thin tissue you may need more.
4. Concertina your stack of paper.
5. And secure in the middle with thread.
6. To get that softened curve around the edges of your pom simply snip the ends into a curve. If you want a more spiky look snip a point; experiment!
7. Now splay out your concertina.
8. Very carefully unfold the layers from each other and fluff out.
9. Taddaaaa! You're made a pom pom!
10. Make enough for your garland and line them up to check for your colour order (this stage took me sooo long of adding in yellows or thinking I needed a bit more pink there).
11. Now take a needle and thread and put it straight through the middle of your pom pom.
12. Push your pom down the string and admire your beautiful new garland!

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