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A Summer Preview

It's basically always the same; the minute I have to actually knuckle down and work for uni I get a tonne of inspiration and just have a gazillion projects I want to share with you. Sigh, creativity is a blessing and a curse it seems.
For a couple of weeks I have to pretend to be a bit serious. I have to work (urgh) and take exams (eerugguh) and basically write with normal pens rather than felt tips. It's going to be awful. But after than I have a tonne of projects planned that I thought I would give a (very) little preview of today.

Firstly I really want to share more outfit posts on the blog. Specifically clothes I have made. Sewing clothes is a seriously huge part of my life and it seems kind of weird to me that I haven't shared that on the blog yet so this summer I want to change that.

I've been thinking about exploring working with video. Hopefully more on this later...

I have a few other super exciting things up my sleeve but I'm not allowed to talk about those yet so you shall have to remain in suspense.

Lastly if anyone is considering buying a ukulele for the summer I'm shutting the shop on Thursday for a couple of weeks to get some revision done, so now's the time to get your last minute orders in!

Stay tuned folks, Summer's going to be aces!

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