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A Day-Off in a box.

Today's is one of my best friend's birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CICI! I love celebrating birthdays, they are just the best and I just love it that there is a day where you totally get to pamper someone and show them how special they are to you. Sadly Cici's birthday is in exam period and since I'm still back at home revising (and she lives way abroad) I couldn't see her. IT SUCKS!

It especially sucks that because she has an exam in two days she can't properly celebrate anyway so I thought that she would probably feel a little bummed out and stressed so I sent her a day off in a box (and some cool sunglasses).
If you want to send a loved one a day-off in a box simply gather together some items needed for a good old relax. I bought slippers and pjs (skimpy ones, she likes skimpy ones best), pink rose, some chocolate and sweets, some stuff to do nails, some face packs and hair masks and a hair turban. Oh and novelty sunglasses. Happy Birthday CiCi!!!!!

Oh and I'll be sharing a tutorial on how to make that card soon hopefully!

Happy birthday Cic!


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