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 A while ago I found the above market picture on pinterest and it totally inspired me. It's a picture of giant pompoms which the women in Bolivia make and wear and I just thought they were sooooo great. The colours, the size, the idea, everything. So I endeavored to make a project to replicate them. I totally intend to make giant ones one day but judging by the size of them I would have to stock up on  a lot of wool so for now I will make do with these gorgeous key chains.

You will need:

Embroidery thread
Two pencils
Three Sharpies (or pens of similar thickness)
A needle and thread

1. First hold two pencils together. With your thumb secure one end of your embroidery thread.
2. Wrap your thread around until it in nice and plump.
3. Cut your thread. Now take another small length of thread and pass it between the two pencils.
4.Tie a knot around your thread.
5. Slide your pom off the pencils and double knot the thread to secure it further.
6. Now take your scissors and cut all the loops open.
7. You should be left with a scruffy pompom looking a bit like this.
8. Now tidy up your pompoms with scissors and scrunch it up a bit until you're happy with how it looks.

1. Follow the same wrapping method as with the basic pompom method except this time use three sharpies to make your tassle bigger and plumper.
2. Now pass a piece of thread under just one of the sharpies. This leaves a larger area for the acutal tassle section.
3. Slide your tassle off your sharpies and tighten the thread.
4. Cut the loops on the larger side your tassle and you're done!

Now simply pass a needle and thread through all of your pompoms and your tassle and add a loop at the top and you're done. Yay!


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