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Today is a tense day. Tomorrow is the deadline for bidding on the house we want to buy. We've placed our bid, presumably the other hopeful buyers have too and now we're just waiting, uncomfortably. It was an extremely jittery day today so we a trip to one of the coolest cafes in the Edinburgh; Bees.

I think one of the coolest things about this cafe is their attention to detail. It has been so lovingly decorated and is so brilliantly themed. Also I had a little close up look at this wall paper and I have a feeling it is hand stamped. You have to love a creative cafe owner.

I even spotted this little gem! One of the shelves is papier mached with articles about bee keeping!

This wonderful sign is the reason we discovered Bees.  See that little note at the bottom? How could you possibly not go into a place that advertised a shark cave!?

And here it is with all it's glory. A hand painted mural, comfy seats and a ceiling full of fairy lights. It was the perfect place to sit for a couple of hours biting our finger nails and waiting for tomorrow. Wish us luck everyone, I feel like we need it!

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