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The last couple of days in Edinburgh have been utterly glorious. There's been sunshine and happiness and shorts (that's a bit far, it's not actually hot, the sky is just blue). It's been the perfect opportunity to have a little wonder around and simpley bathe in the fact that I live in a cool city.

We've also had some exciting developments in that we went to visit a house. My friend's parents are possibly buying a house which we would live in for the next few years (I am well aware of how lucky I am!) and I am so excited. We've visited a few properties now and so I've had my fingers burnt with falling in love with houses only to see them slip through our fingers but I can't help being a little excited about this one. It has a claw foot bath!!! We're going to see it again on Friday and then hopefully get the ball moving. eeeee!

So yeah, the last couple of days have been filled with tense excitement and sunshine. I also started eating a bit healthier in anticipation for my summer holidays (but I'm still allowed froyo) and got all my work done. I feel that a lot of things have happened in the last couple of days but none of it is really blog worthy. I know I shouldn't share pictures of the house yet but I want to. I've also been working hard finalising designs for my dress shop which will hopefully open this summer and working on some other projects which will currently remain secret. However the problem with that is it's not very shareable. So instead, friends, you will have to put up with the promise that things are happening behind the scenes and a picture of blue skies and froyo.


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