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Let me present blown eggs filled with chocolate mousse. You're welcome.
I hadn't really planned any Easter DIYs before last week and then all of a sudden I got a total wave of ideas. Some may put it down to excessive pinterest surfing but I think I have had a visit from the Easter bunny.

This week I wanted to decorate some eggs. All you American readers are probably like "well yeah, duh, it's Easter!" but we don't really do that. I mean I think my mum showed me how to do them when I was very little but on the whole it's not a big thing. But judging by pinterest it is the done thing stateside and so I wanted to give it ago.

However I was then left with some hollow eggs and had nothing to do with them seeing as I was going home in a couple of days so decided to make an Easter treat; Chocolate mousse blown eggs! They are super cute and super yummy; what could be better?
You will need:
A needle
A funnel
A chocolate mousse recipe. I used this one. You're also going to need the ingredients.
Masking tape
1. First take a needle and make a hole in the top and the bottom of your egg.
2. You're going to need the hole at the top to be as small as the possible. This is the hole you're going to blow into. The hole at the bottom is how you're going to fill your egg so it needs to be big enough to fit a funnel in.
3.Now blow into the small hole in your egg, forcing the yolk and white out of the bigger hole. This bit is kinda weird. It made me giggle.
4. Now wash out your eggs. Fill them with water and shake them around a bit.
5.You're now going to need to seal off the smaller hole so the mousse doesn't drip out. Get a small piece of tissue, ball it up and place it over the hole.
6. Now take small pieces of masking tape and cover the tissue. Now when you paint your eggs the paint can't touch the mousse and the mousse can't escape out of the hole.
7. You can now paint and decorate your eggs simply painting over the masking tape.
8. Make your mousse.
9. Using a funnel fill your eggs with mousse.
10. Mousse contracts as it sets because all the little air bubbles get smaller so you need to fill your eggs as much as you can. Leave your mousse to set. I left mine over night.
11. Now using a sharp knife take off the top of your egg as you would with a boiled egg.

And you're all done! I think this would be such a cute surprise to do on Easter morning if a person was simply expecting an egg breakfast. In that case you could also serve brioche strips instead of toast soldiers.

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