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 Today I have a very picture-heavy post for you because me and George have just visited the most photogenic cafe in Durham; Be Tempted. Seriously these girls have just perfected the art of adorable decor. There's a tonne of pink and more cupcakes then you could ever plan to eat.
We had afternoon tea which consisted of finger sandwiches, fruit scones and really yummy cupcakes (I had red velvet, George had double chocolate). It was soooo yummy. Afternoon tea is just one of those perfect little pleasures which can totally transform a day. Because really I suppose it's not all that special; little sandwiches, scone and cake; but it just seems so charming and lovely. Also the above photo with George really made me giggle because if I had to choose a life from a photo I'm pretty sure I'd choose that one; afternoon tea with a perfectly be-tweeded guy who looks perfectly happy to be in a pink pretty cafe. Life Made.
Picture overload done and cupcakes eaten!
Happy St. Patrick's day to anyone celebrating! We were going to go crazy-all-out on the town but all our friends are visiting their respective homes so we're gonna have a crazy night in with macaroni cheese and watching Mr Selfridge in bed.

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