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Hey guys, I don't usually do St Patrick's day crafts. It's really not that huge a holiday in the UK rather weirdly but this year I have a party to go to so I thought I'd make some shamrock tights to prance around in. They're pretty easy to make; you just need a steady hand and lot of drying time.

You will need.

Opaque tights
(good) Acrylic paint
Paper for a template
A gel pen the same colour as your paint.

Put on your tights. This is very important. I've seen a couple of tutorials which suggest that you can paint paints just by putting some cardboard inside the legs to stretch them but the graphics never come out quite right; legs don't usually stretch uniformly in all directions so it's better to put them on.

1. Cut out a template using card. It's easier to cut out your shamrock without it's little tail and then just draw one on later.
2. Put your tights on and check the positioning of your template.
3. Draw around your template using your gel pen.
4. Add a little tail to your shamrock.
5. First work around the outline of your shamrock using quite a lot of paint to make sure that you get a crisp edge.
6. Tidy up any smudges because filling in your shamrock.
7. When you fill in your shamrock you can use a lot less paint.
8. Taaadaaa! If you're really hardcore you can then paint a layer of nail varnish over this; this makes your shamrocks super permanent but I've found it makes them slightly scratchy and weird so I just use a cold wash.

Happy St P's day!


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