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Hey everyone! I'm getting excited for Easter. I love celebrating any holiday but this one is about a pastel colour scheme, cute animals and chocolate so it's a winner for me. I thought I'd help my little toys get into the Easter spirit by making them some little flower bonnets. Make them to transform your cuties in cake toppers, decorations or simply to get you feeling festive.

You will need:
Some coloured paper
Needle and thread
Some willing toys

1. First cut your coloured paper into small square and some green paper into small strips. The green paper will be used as leaves. 
2. Scrunch up your paper squares and marvel at the fact that they look like roses if you squint. 
3. Now thread your scrunch up paper onto a piece of thread putting a green strip between every flower or so. 
4. Once your garland is long enough for your animal, you're all done! Simply tie around his head.

 After making some cheeky headpieces for Skunk and Mouska I made some for some choice members of my eraser collection.  If you need to make smaller roses simply adjust the size of your paper squares. 

This DIY can also be used to turn your ornaments into Frida Kahlo. And Gosh knows we all need to do that at some point in our lives.

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