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Hey everyone, I just wanted to put in a quick note about google reader (and GFC). In case you haven't heard google is shutting down this service shortly. But no fear google reader...readers! You can follow this blog on bloglovin super easily! Just click the link to the right and you're account will be up and running in a matter of minutes.

I'm a super duper fan of bloglovin, for some reason I used to just save all my blog links as bookmarks and check in on them every now and then but then a few months ago I decided that was probably quite an outdated way of doing things and the rest is history. Anyway, give it a go! I promise you'll like it and I don't want to lose you guys!

I'm looking forward to a super busy week this week. It is my last full work week before my study break. I get a five month holiday at home! Woooohooo! Albeit to study and everything but ahh well. Also next week George is coming to stay so I have to make super I actually get some work done before he disrupts my schedule (how dare you, darling!?). I'm also finishing off a super duper exciting project which should be with you this weekend, setting up a giveaway and of course arranging some ace DIYs. You lucky people, you!

Oh and thank you to George for my orange roses. They make me happier than a donkey in a sombrero.


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