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Guys I'm posting house pictures. It can only mean one thing... WE GOT THE HOUSE! There has been a hell of a lot of screaming here tonight. For the whole week I was absolutely convinced that we wouldn't get it, I mean almost certain. Everything was weighted towards today when the bidding for the house would end. This should be a really simple process; the bidding ends at 12 and then they look at all the bids and the highest bidder gets the house. Super duper easy. THEY KEPT US WAITING UNTIL 6! It was so nerve wracking. Apparently all of the bids were within £100 of eachother which is such a tiny amount that they had to look at other factors other than price, but anyway I suppose that doesn't matter now because we totally got it!

We officially move in next September but we plan to take lots of week long visits there over the summer for renovations; this house needs a hell of a lot of paint. I thought I would share some photos I took on our last visit. They had previously been in a folder onn my desktop ready to be deleted today if we didn't get the house. AHAHAHAHA!

Oh yeah and there's a fireplace in every room. I feel like we've won at life.

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