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Today I needed some vitamins! I've been coughing like craaaazy since the weekend and I'm darn sick of it so  I payed a visit to the Hula bar in Edinburgh. It's pretty amazing smoothie place that also does amazing food. It was really cool to visit because it was where me and my Mum had lunch when we first visited Edinburgh. We sat in this here little cafe discussing whether I could imagine studying here while slurping on some delicious smoothies.

 You see that face? That is an unamused "I'm ill, what are you doing? Don't take me photo! Why are you taking my damn photo? Oh fine I'll kind of smile." face.

But admittedly the Hula bar is a pretty ace place to go if you're feeling a little down. It's just so bright and cheery! Plus the girls that work there are so lovely and helpful and obviously have real pride in what they do. I love that, when a waitress or a shop assistant can actually tell you stuff about their products. 

I had the same smoothie I had when I originally visited with my Mum. The Blue Hawaiian- blueberries, strawberries, apple and banana. It's the one for me. 

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