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One of the things I love most about Edinburgh is the number of amazing little independent shops. It means that when it's someone's birthday I'm never stuck for a place to buy a cool little last-minute present; and this shop is usually on the top of my list of places to visit.

Chocolatte is the coolest little chocolate shop. It is packed with stuff to the point that they hang most of their merchandise from the ceiling. It's just one of those places that makes you smile in an "oh-my-god-I've-walked-into-a-fairy-tale!" sort of way.

Rather annoyingly this shop is on my way to school; I  have to walk past it every single day. I've actually discovered a new route purposely to avoid chocolatte when I'm a little peckish and I have change in my pocket. My favorite things they do are their chocolate animals (pictured above) and their huuuuge occasion lollipops,.

They're basically huge slabs of amazingly yummy chocolate with loads of sweets and yumminess. I love it when I know I have a birthday or an occasion coming up because it means I have to visit chocolatte and I am required to buy a piece of chocolate as big as my face for someone.

Happy birthday Russell! I hope you like ridiculous amounts of chocolate!

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