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I love decorating for small holidays! It just makes life so much better when there are decorations up for some reason and so I decided to make some valentines day decorations. Lately these old fashioned valentines have been floating around the internet and although some of them are kinda creepy and weird they can be really cute so I thought I would make some bunting with them and they turned out pretty good!

You will need:

Iron on transfer paper

A printer

Some valentines- I used these ones.

Some white cotton fabric

Red cotton trim

Red cotton and thread

Red ribbon

1) On your computer flip your images horizontally and print onto your transfer paper. 

 2) Cut out your images and trim leaving as little white space as possible.

3) Create a pattern for your bunting which is large enough to show all of your images and cut out your cotton flags.

4) Position your images face down onto your cotton.

5) Carefully iron your image being careful to wait the full amount of time. A couple of times I got a bit too over excited and my picture looked a little cracked because I lifted it too early. Whoops.

6) Remove your paper and admire your image! If your image has gone off the cotton slightly trim to fit.

7) Now time to add your trim. I bought some cotton trim and then folded it over. Pin to place and sew one side.

8) Once you get to the corner trim closely to fit.

9) Add the second side and pin at the corner leaving some excess.

10) On the other side fold over the excess and fold under itself so you don't get a frayed edge.

11) Sew into place.

12) Lastly fold over the top of your flags and sew onto your ribbon.

13) Display and spread the love!

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