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I had the best time back at home, it was so nice just to have a week off to charge my batteries and be with my family.

My Mum is the coolest; she's always buying me sweet little presents and little things that make me smile. While I was at home she presented me with these cuties! They're Japanese paper balloons and they are sooo adorable.

They all arrived squashed up into an envelope and then you simply blow into them to inflate them. On the packaging they said they could be inflated as many times as you want and it's true! Naturally the minute I got them I blew each of them up and then instantly regretted it because I would have to squash them up to travel again. I was sure they would get all crumpled and sad looking but they look beautiful!

I've put them all up in the corner of my room because it was looking a little bare over there. Not anymore! I now have a gorgeous paper zoo to brighten my room.

My favorites are penguin and tiger but I think monkey, elephant and lion are pretty snazzy too.

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