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I do a lot of sewing and so I always have a load of empty cotton reels laying around the place. For ages I've been thinking that there must be a cute thing to do with them and hey presto there is! I needed a new pin cushion and so I fashioned these adorable cotton reels. The best thing is they're a really quick project so in no time you can have a load of colourful pincushions lining your shelves.

You will need:

Empty cotton reels


Embroidery thread


Fabric glue

1) Measure the width of your cotton reel and cut a long strip of felt with the same width as the inner channel (the bit where the cotton used to go).

2) Cover your felt with fabric glue and wrap around the reel. The felt acts as the cushiony bit that the pins stick into so make it as thick as possible.

3) Cover the outside of your felt with fabric glue and wrap with embroidery thread making sure to leave no gaps.

4) Make a rainbow selection and enjoy your new pincushions!


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