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Hey all, I've been having a little think about blogging lately. Since I'm pretty much a one-girl team over here there isn't much chance for boardroom meetings, so it has just been me sitting down with coffee and a pen and paper, but ahh well. For a couple of months now I've been loving getting comments and seeing page views rise a little and I think I'm going to try and take it to the next level. I currently blog 2-3 times a week with one DIY project every Wednesday but, now there will be DIY projects twice a week. WOOHOO! At least for now anyway, if I try and make it happen and it's just crazy hard I will be backing up to one.

Anyway, onto today's DIY! I always see these super cute gift bows whenever I go into my local party store. They're so eye catching and you can get them in so many colours that I knew I simply had to wear them. And then when I found these hair slides it was meant to be; those delicious colours were going in my hair and there was nothing anyone could do about it. They're super quick and easy to make so make one or a few and wear as many as you like.

You will need:

Ribbon bows for gifts.

Fabric glue- but you need the strong stuff because it need to stick to plastic.

Hair slides


Needle and thread

1) Most tags come with a little bit of paper on which is used to stick the bow to the parcel. Sadly the stickiness isn't strong enough so that little tag has to come off.

2) Remove as much as possible until you are left with just the bow to work with.

3) Take a small circle or rectangle of felt and cover it in glue.

4) Stick your felt to your bow and leave to dry.

5) Now prepare your hair slide. Run glue along the edge you want to stick your bow to. You might want to use a stronger glue for this job as plastic can be resistant to some weaker glues.

6) Since hair slides are curved you with need to hold your bow for a while while it becomes tacky.

7) After you glue has completely dried add a few stitches in place just to add extra security.

And you're done!

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