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Here is a quick DIY to whip up just before your date tomorrow. I really like this bag; it can inject just enough romance into an outfit to make it Valentines day perfect.

You will need:

A red bag (I got mine for £2 at Primark, yay!)

Fabric rose petals

Fabric glue (make sure it dries clear)

Scissors or a seam ripper

1. First using your scissors or a seam ripper remove the straps.

2. Ta-da. You now have a clutch bag. That was practically a DIY in itself. You now have to decide where to place your rose petals. I opted to cover the whole of the flap with rose petals but if you want you could create a pattern following the seams or just create a trim.

3. Paint on your fabric glue in small sections. Work a little at a time so you can get the placement right.

4. Place your first petals at the edges of your bag. Layer up and make sure to the leave any clasps clear.

5. Keep going, layering as you go. Once you get to the top do the same from the back and then along the top carefully add some small rose petals to fill in the gaps.

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