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February's almost over but it's been a good ol' month! Now That's Pretty is growing and reaching new people and there's a tonne of projects in the pipeline for march which is SO EXCITING! Still haven't completed any of my resolutions though. Whoops. Here's the posts I've enjoyed most this month.

I made some Valentines day bunting (pin for next year!).

We visited the Hula smoothie bar.

I made this rose petal clutch. 

My mum bought me these super cute paper balloons!

I visited this amazing chocolate shop.

And I made these hair clips.

And lastly my absolute highlight was decorating my local park for Valentines day. I thought I'd include some behind the scenes images below. Hope you've all had a fantastic February!

All the hearts waiting to be sewn up. I started a couple of weeks ahead of V-day.

All the little heart bundles the day before.

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