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 Me and George spent Valentines day apart this year. We're spending most of next week together (because I have a week off!) so it didn't really make much sense to travel all the way down only to travel back up again when we were seeing each other the next day. So instead I spent a day with my friends and it was soooooo much fun.

We went to Spoon; this super cool cafe in town with the best vintage furniture everywhere.

 They also have the coolest vintage wallpaper with tomatoes!

 We drank coffee and ate homemade ice cream and chocolate mousse. It was a pretty brilliant Valentines day to be honest. I'm warming to the idea of having one Valentines day where you celebrate all the love you share with your friends (by eating lots of chocolate) and one where you celebrate with your special someone.

Talking of that special someone, George sent me some champagne truffles. He's a darling.


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