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New years resolutions

 I take my resolutions very seriously. I used to have things like lose weight or be healthier but then I realized these statements didn't really help a whole lot because they are extremely vague or extremely easy to break and then that's it and they're gone.

I much prefer to have a list of ongoing goals  which I can tick off when I achieve them rather than when I break them. That way they act as an encouragement rather than something to be scared of. This year I'm really lucky because I know I don't have anything big coming up; last year I had to go through a number of surgeries, do my A levels and move to Edinburgh so it was an extremely hectic year. For that reason I have decided that this year is all about enjoying myself and cherishing the greatness.

Here are the most important goals on my list (some of them aren't that important at all).

This one is a little pie in the sky at the moment but I am dreaming ever so much. Me and George have been to Paris once before a couple of years ago but it was with a group of friends so it wasn't a romantic getaway. Also we went in October, which I adored because I adore cold weather, but I do want to see why everyone waxes lyrical about Paris in the springtime. However this may just not be possible as all of George's exams are in the spring but even if we don't manage to visit this year I would definitely like to book this year to go next year.

I really love swimming. I'm pretty good at it and when I first moved to Edinburgh I had a couple of weeks or so where I was going every other day. It really did me good! I have to walk about 20 minutes to get to and from the pool which was a good warm up and warm down, I was exercising plus I found that as I'd put in all that work I ate healthier because I didn't want to waste it all. I need to get some of that healthiness back!

 This is a really big one for me. I make a load of clothes for myself and I would love to sell them professionally but I'm terrified it won't work out. I totally dream of selling my own designs as my career however I am realistic and understand that many other people  must have exactly the same dream as me. But I do feel like I should try as there is absolutely no point having a dream if you don't act on it so hopefully I will be launching some kind of shop in the second half of the year.

Now that me and George don't see each other every day at school and we don't live in the same county, dating has been a little tough. It's been very weird getting used to being apart especially as we only see each other every two weeks or so and often when we do see each other we don't end up doing an awful lot because we just want to catch up. But our aim this year is to do more stuff. More dates and more planning equals better times together. Yay!

I live in such a beautiful city and I feel that these last few months I have just been settling in and getting used to it all. This year I plan to live Edinburgh to the full. To explore everything and have more shame in buying silly tartan hats, visiting the castle and eating fried mars bars.

For my birthday Jems bought me a screen printing set and I've tried it out a couple of times. I do find it quite tricky but so far I have managed to print some quite cool stuff (I shall post this soon!) but I really do want to get good at it. This goal is sort of linked with no. 3 as I would love to be printing my own fabric.

Inspired by this. No explanation needed really; it just looks really cool.

This one is a really important one for me. I worry about everything. This year a big aim for me is just to chill out and constantly ask myself  "Does this really matter?". I think it will really make a huge difference especially in my relationship. One thing I've really noticed is that ,when you're apart, you tend to argue about things that would in no way spark an argument normally. Hopefully this year will be about getting used to everything and relaxing into it.

We're getting a house this summer and I am dying to build a make shift bar and host a cocktail night. I mean it may prove quite hard to keep it all stocked in a student house but I suppose that's half of the fun, right?

Wow there! A big serious important one. Basically I enrolled in my course at Edinburgh to do Philosophy but for the first year they encourage you to try loads of different courses to see if you would like to change. I tried Astronomy (terribly ill advised- it turns out that watching Cosmos does not make up for a lack of extended scientific education) and Linguistics. So the big decision to make this year is whether I want to swap to full time Linguistics. It all sort of rests upon my exam results for now so I am eagerly awaiting my marks.

I play my ukulele a lot and I really like the idea of having loads of them hung up on the wall. I'm thinking yellow.

This summer me and my friends are getting a house. It's going to be amazing. However when I tried to itemise all of the recipes I was good at the other day I realised that I can only cook french macarons, cakes and biscuits. Although this will be useful for birthday parties I think I might have to learn some actual meals.

I have made some really amazing friends in Edinburgh, I love them to bits. The only slightly awkward thing is that we all live in different countries. This has been so noticeable in the Christmas holidays as we've been apart for a month with no real way of seeing each other. Hopefully in the Summer I can visit a few of them or take some trips together.

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