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I remember a while ago I read a post (I think it was on Katie's Pencil box, but I'm really not sure), about blog comments. I remember reading that this blogger had been getting anxious because she'd been getting less blog comments then usual and it had bothered her because she thought she was unpopular. It turns out that a reader sent an email in explaining that they often didn't comment because they felt that the blog was already so popular that they didn't need little-old-them to comment because it was already so huge. Anyway for some reason this little memory snippet got me thinking.

Recently I've been seeing my views go up a little bit and that makes me super happy because recently I've been putting the work in with blogging. My mum (most loyal follower) used to ask me how many hits I had constantly but I never used to check because I figured if I wasn't putting the work in then I couldn't expect much return, it'd be like weighing yourself when you weren't eating healthy and getting depressed that you hadn't lost weight, right? So now that I am putting a little more work in and networking and so on it feels good that I'm getting some return for it. So anyway, back to commenting. When I didn't have many views it made perfect sense that there were no comments but over the last couple of days I've found myself thinking "hmm I should be getting some by now, right?" This made me examine my own commenting habits. I asked myself "Do I comment on blogs?" and realised that the answer was, in the majority of cases, no I don't.

I'm not really sure why I don't comment. It certainly isn't because I haven't enjoyed the content of the blog because I am super guilty of simply scrolling through, loving the content and then just leaving. I think sometimes I agree with the original emailer and think "well this blog is super successful so they won't really be effected by my input will they?" but on inspection this is wrong, I think. Even big bloggers blog purely for their audience, without them they'd pretty much be nothing. And then sometimes I don't comment because I'd be the first commenter and I don't want to feel like the first one at the party, but that's wrong too because surely those comments would be even more precious to bloggers?

The conclusion I have come to is that I am going to comment more on blogs. When I see something that I like, regardless of the type of or the success of the blog, I am going to drop in a cheeky comment saying "I like this!" because I want to let them know that they've made me happy. So what do you think elusive readers? What stops you from commenting on blogs? And will you join my commenting crusade?


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