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Hey there! The other day I saw these on pinterest. They're pretty awesome but, being Kate Spade they were also pretty expensive; about £50 and then if I were to add postage to Britain on top of that I was looking at a pricey pair of gloves. But I loved them!!! So I decided to make some for myself and they turned out awesome. I wasn't sure how these would hold up or whether they would actually be warm but I've been trialling them for a week or so (that's right I quality test!) and they're great. I highly recommend them!

You will need:

A yellow Jumper- Quality is pretty much key here. The higher the wool content the warmer they are going to be. Also make sure you get a nice big size so you have more fabric to work with.

A sharpie


Cotton and a sewing machine (you can try by hand but you need a really tight stitch so I highly recommend machine stitching).

Black felt

Paper for templates.

1) Draw around your hand. Make it nice and snug.

2) Now add a seam allowance. Wool is pretty bulky so you need to make room for that, about half an inch should do nicely.

3) Cut out two of you template and lay them on you jumper using the edge as your base. The front of my jumper had a cable knit so placement was really the key other wise one glove would've had more cable than the other. NIGHTMARE! However if you've been sensible and just bought a plain jumper just whack em on there.

4) Draw around you template using sharpie.

5) DO NOT CUT OUT YOUR PATTERN PIECES! Wool is annoying and the minute you cut it it will just unravel and you will be left with strands of wool.

6) Sew along your line using a small tight stitch. I went over it a couple of times just to be sure.

7) Try them on for size and make adjustments.

8) NOW cut them out but still leave a hefty fraying zone around your stitch.

9) To finish off your gloves and make sure they are never going to fray add a zig zag stitch around your straight stitch.

10) Turn them inside out and admire your work! Yay!

11) Now cut out your letter templates and place them on your gloves.

12) Cut your felt into letter and hand sew on.

13) Taa-daaa! You're going to be the best taxi hailer in all the world!

I was browsing around for gloves and I noticed that Kate Spade also does some super cute high five mittens (with HI on one glove and 5 on the other). I've been trying to think of more for ages; any ideas?


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