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Happy New Year everyone!

I must say it feels rather good to see the end of 2012; it was an extremely hard year for me. I went through a series of very painful surgeries on my jaw which produced multiple complications (I still have one to go but the worst is certainly behind me), I sat my A level exams and applied to get into Edinburgh university and for a while felt extremely depressed from all the anxiety and pain. It was a funny time because all around on the news and the papers they were lauding 2012 as the best year Britain had ever seen due to the Olympics and the royal jubilee; it kind of felt like everyone was celebrating except for me. It was a very odd feeling.

But having all those things happen to me has really made me much stronger and I am just so happy that I got through it all  (with the support from my amazing family and George) and it is all behind me. I feel that last year was a really year of hard work and growing and this year I intend to be happy and reap the rewards of my hard work.

Having said all that some rather brilliant things did happen last year;  I got into and moved to Edinburgh where I have met the most wonderful people. I also went traveling with George all around Europe which was just the most wonderful experience. I feel like 2012 has a lot more to offer me though. Bring it on!


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