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Ever since Vienna froyo has been a real favorite of mine. It's pretty hard to believe that it's healthy for you because it's so delicious. Actually I'm not totally sure if it is healthy, it may just be more healthy that ice cream but ahh well. This weekend George came up to visit and so we decided to take our first visit to Edinburgh's only froyo cafe, Frisky.  

 It's in the artsy district called Grassmarket and is bright bright pink. It can't get much better than that. If you're heading to Edinburgh any time soon Grassmarket is just the most wonderful place to visit. There's a beautiful gallery selling screen printed posters, a comic book shop, a vintage costume shop, the most wonderful art shop where everything is arranged in colour order and a shop selling just art and design magazines. I fully intend to return to all of these places. 

George got plain and I got gummy bears 'cos that's our style. 

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