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DIY- piggy bank jar


Hey everyone. One of my new years resolutions is to be a little bit more careful with money. It's frustrating when you suddenly discover that money has just disappeared and you don't know where so I decided to make myself a money pot. Although I love piggy banks I like to see my money so I gave a jar a little piggy make over.

You will need:

A jar
Pink card
Gold card (or white card sprayed gold!)
Gold spray paint
Glue/ photo mount spray
Pencils and pens.

1) Draw out your piggy. I find that drawing pigs is easy if you draw a little oval in the middle and then simply pop on some feet, an ear and a snout.

2) Draw around your oinkey template and cut out loads of little piglets. I found about 10 was enough.

3) lay your pigs face down on a piece of paper and spray with adhesive or photo mount. Wait for your glue to be slightly tacky before affixing to your jar. It may help to use tweezers to pick up your pigs.

4) Now make some coins for your pigs to guar by hole punching gold card.

5) Attach your gold discs in the same way and fill with dosh!

( I'm not sure what the little rubber bit is called which goes around the jar... but anyway I painted that bit gold an it really added the finishing touch.)


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