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DIY Paper Cable Cars


Did you know it's cable car day today!? No? Well wish yourself a happy one anyway. And to celebrate why not make a cute little cable car to keep your knick knacks in?

As endorsed by lions and skunks (mooses not so much).

You will need:
Print out of template (available here)
Coloured card
White card
Double sided tape
Stripey straws

1) Cut out your template and assemble just like that funky gif!

2)Using the template cut pieces of coloured card to decorate your car and stick to the car with double sided tape.

3) Cut out the top of your cable car and assemble in the same way as the car.

4) Cut four stripey straws to the same size.

5) Attach the straws to the car with tape or glue.

6) Attach the top of your cable car using double sided tape. Isn't it pretty?

7) Make a little hole in the top and thread a looped piece of string through.

8) Make a few and have a fun cable car day!

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